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Best Sim Only Deals In UK

When it comes to traveling in a foreign country, the primary concern that arises is the unnecessarily huge bills that occur due to network accessibility. Further, mobile phones have seen a swift rise in the last decade wherein the consumers can’t function on a day-to-day basis without them.

Here’s a curated list of the seven best sim only deals that don’t impact your savings. They would not leave you in a fix for the rest of the vacation.


The three sim network provides a maximum cap limit of the data of 8gb with unlimited calling and texting options available. The sim is valid for a year and comes at a monthly cost of approximately 8 pounds. The sim network has pioneered the concept of “Go Roam” for roaming being activated for people, especially travelers. The services can be used across many countries in the European Union as well as some other vacation spots like the United States of America, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. The data limit is 8gb, but every other feature like unlimited calling and texting can be used. After the capping limit gets crossed, the connection turns to 3G. Further, the UK is known for its Wi-Fi features wherein the portable hotspots are available at all the locations such as cafes and gas stations.

2) EE

It’s a multipurpose SIM providing the 4G network providing a data limit of 40gb. The calling and texting option is unlimited, with a year-long validity and a cost of 25 pounds to be paid per month.

They provide a superior service in all the countries of the European Union with a reliable network range, and at times, a basic roaming charge gets applied.


Sim Only Deals
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The Vodafone plan provides a data limit of 8GB and unlimited calling and SMS facility. The program costs in total approximately 10 pounds per month. It, too, has a validity of a year. According to users and nonusers as well, the network is known to be one of the best operators. The plans cover all the countries in the European Union as well. Even though it may provide an unparalleled network but the services get delivered at a cost, and that cost can go high. It’s a known fact that the carrier charges, which include the standard roaming charges. The plan does work for your essential needs of streaming data and keeping in contact with family and friends.

4) O2

This particular sim-only deal provides 5th generation data of 100GB with the facility of unlimited calling and texting included in the policy. The contract lasts for 12 months, with a monthly cost of 25 pounds. The all-inclusive roaming plan offered by the network operator is undoubtedly more affordable and better than the Vodafone network. The plans also include various add-ons that can be purchased to make the program more travel-friendly. Further, the good news is that there is no capping limit with the add-ons. There are plans with a more significant data limit of 50GB, that can be conveniently used with the benefit of free-roaming with no additional charges incurred.


The plan offered by them gives a data limit of 20GB along with the feature of unlimited calling and SMS benefits. The plan validity is for 30 days, with a monthly cost of 14 pounds included. It is the cheapest plan and the most value-added service to be obtained while traveling. There are no false promises, and every feature is added, keeping the user in mind. Hence, for the travelers, the plan is a boon and a much-needed service. Further, if your needs can be met with a smaller data limit, their policy of 1GB data can be easily purchased for a cost of 5pounds per month. Since the payments are made every month, there is no obligation to stick to the same operator, and you can drop out anytime you want.


This network provides an extremely lucrative deal of having no contractual obligation from the customers. The data limit provided by them is 6GB of data for a cost of 10 pounds per month. The feature of calling and texting is covered with the unlimited benefit added as the icing on the cake. Since there are no terms and conditions of the contract involved, thus the plan can be changed or stopped as per your wish and will.


The network plan is affordable and unique to your needs. They provide an internet plan of 8GB data for 10 pounds per month. The operator also provides the benefit of unlimited calls and SMS facility. Further, another advantage of the program is the ability to use the unused data in the next month if and when the plan is renewed. Hence, the data is continuously being rolled and moved onto the subsequent month with no wastage involved.


The SIM-only deals are getting popular by the day, especially while investing in a new service for travelers and locals as well. The benefits are many and more.

With traditionally used contractual obligations, one would get the handset along with the plan. They were stringent because they usually had a longer contract bound policy, which used to be as long as 48months at a time.

Further, these plans work out to be your best friend concerning not draining your savings. The programs do not require the additional purchase of a handset due to which a lot of your hard-earned money gets saved at the end of the day. Hence, any other services that would be offered for the care and maintenance of the phone are avoided with the SIM-only deals.

Another significant advantage is passing the credit limit test. Since operators are not giving away handsets levied for a fixed amount, the total charges are reduced to a great deal. Thus, all you would be paying for is the monthly charges and any other value-added arrangements or services purchased exclusively by you.

Hence, fellow travelers, the next time you plan a vacation and are worried about the networks and the hidden terms and conditions, do not worry. Proceed with the option of buying a SIM-only deal and stay happy with the services provided.

Cover Image credits: Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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