10 Things To Know about a Texas Woman
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10 Things To Know about a Texas Woman
Mar 07/17

10 Things To Know about a Texas Woman Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment

1. If you don’t like spicy food, they will most likely think you are a sissy.   Just so you know, there is any such thing as Mild Salsa.

 2. They have ridden horses, but mostly at summer camp. They prefer the car with the radio turned up and the air conditioning on full blast.

 3. They are BBQ Snobs. Real BBQ should be served on brown kraft paper with a half a load of white bread, a plastic knife, and a role of paper towels. Unless you want to see her sassy side, don’t ever invite her to “a BBQ” and serve her a hamburger or a hot dog.

4. She's picky about her favorite foods. As much as she loves BBQ and Taco Trucks, Whataburger is still her favorite fast food burger place and Dairy Queen is her favorite place for a Dilly Bar or a Dipped Cone.



5. She loves sports and likes football but is probably not going to watch it with you all the time. She went to high school where the stadium looked like a mid major college, and much of her year revolved around the season, but that doesn’t mean she is going to sit on the coach and watch every game with you.

6. Bluebonnets are still her favorite flower. Spring in Texas is forever etched on her mind and the bluebonnet-lined highways are still a favorite memory. Bring her a bouquet of bluebonnets and I’ll love you forever. 

7. She wants a companion to take me her out dancing without having to ask. She learned how to line dance in high school PE or as part of her cheerleading or drill team and she likes it when she gets a chance to let her hair down.

8. Yes, she has some cowboy boots, but she doesn’t like to overdo them. She’ll wear them to enhance the rest of her outfit when its not to hot, but she doesn’t wear them all the time.

9. You need to be strong, but with a gentle touch. She loves the strength of a rugged man, but won’t tolerate rude or harsh behavior. She’ll love your strength through the end of your life as long as your strength is layered in warmth and kindness.

10. Everyday will be an adventure with her. This is a Texas girl, so it’s go big or go home. She’s a confident, strong, and sometimes sassy woman who knows how to handle herself and deal with difficult situation – buckle up; it’s gonna be a big, wide open adventurous ride.


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Andrea Karotkin on March 07 2017 at 12:52PM

Cute article. I found six typographical errors, misused words, and grammar mistakes on the first pass. Can you not afford a proofreader on staff?

Love the stuff on your website! :)


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