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10 Things You Miss About Your College Town
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10 Things You Miss About Your College Town

10 Things You Miss About Your College Town
May 01/18

10 Things You Miss About Your College Town Posted by: Rod Ford | 0 Comments

10 Things You Miss About Your College Town

This time of year has a lot of us reflecting on the glory days that were our undergraduate years. As a whole new batch of students are about to graduate and move away from their college town, here are the Top 10 things we know they'll be missing someday, just like we are now. 


1. The Food: Never again will food be so cheap or so abundant. Plus late night snacks never seem to taste as good as an adult. Also, your metabolism seems to magically know when you graduate college and decides to stop working at its warp speed. You’ll long for your favorite college town restaurants and if you’re like me, you may still carry around your loyalty card, looking at you Kickin’ Chicken. Ahh, nostalgia!





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2. How Much Time You Spend with Friends Doing Nothing: This one usually doesn’t hit you right away. Entering into adulthood you still have friends, you still see people on weekends and occasionally for drinks after work, and you may even have a roommate. But slowly you realize it’s not the same. It’s not the same as coming home in the afternoon to watch  hours of mindless TV and ponder life’s big important questions, like: Do you wanna eat pizza or tacos for dinner?

3. The Freedom: College is a weird time, because while you’re in the midst of its grasp you feel really busy and stressed. As soon as you enter the real world, you realize how wrong you had it. Enjoy the freedom while  you have it, because chances are the next time you have that much stress free freedom it will be in the form of paid vacation. There are no such things as spring break in adulthood, and yes, it does suck.  

4.The Excuse to Have a Good Time: I can’t speak for everyone’s college experience, but mine often felt like the female version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If there was a way to have fun, we were going to find it. Even if it meant never leaving the apartment and staying in our pajamas, those four years feel like nothing but laughs and shenanigans.




5. That Dingy, Cramped, Apartment/Dorm Room: It’s disgusting and you can’t believe you have to shower there every day. It’s housed tons of college students before you, and it shows. But it’s your first place and all of your best friends are there and the pantry has enough Ramen Noodles to survive another Y2K. It’s home, and trust me, you’ll miss it.

6. The Camaraderie: College is that rare time where everything feels like a team effort. Be it cheering on your school’s team or being out together on a Friday night. It just feels like this happy little bubble. 

7. The Endless Possibilities: Do you remember the first time you set foot on your college campus? Do you remember that feeling? Like something big was going to happen and anything was possible? That’s a feeling that kind of lingers with you all four years. If you’re lucky you can keep that optimism into your adult life, but it often gets much harder.

8. The Theme Parties: By the time I left college I had an entire trunk dedicated to theme party outfits. Kate Middleton and Prince William getting married? Time to buy a tiara. It’s the Olympics? Break out that red, white and blue. The Master’s are on? Let me go get my green jacket. And don’t even get me started on Halloween, because that is a week long affair.  Now if only we could convince our bosses that themes were a good idea.

9. The People: Cliche, but true. The people you meet in college see you through one of the largest transitions of your life. They’re not just your roommates or classmates, but they become your built in family. As you scatter after college it becomes harder to keep in touch, but if you can, I promise it’s well worth it. 

10. Who You Were: The night before my college graduation, my Dad said to me: “You’ll always miss your college town a little more than other places because of who you are here.” It’s true, you enter college as one person, and leave an entirely different one. Life, responsibilities, circumstances will change you, but if you’re lucky, you’ll always get to hold onto a little shred of your college kid self.


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