15 Truths about Loving a Southern Girl
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15 Truths about Loving a Southern Girl
Feb 21/17

15 Truths about Loving a Southern Girl Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 9 Comments

If you are a Southern Gent and you have been graced with the relationship with a Southern Lady you've learned a few things along the way.  I am happy to share these learnings with you and hope you will chime in with your comments


1. Her idea of a great second date is a picnic. There is nothing like a being outside in God’s nature with the warm southern sun, soft breezes, and smells of honeysuckle. After that fancy first date, she wants you to show her you’re a natural, transparent kind of guy that enjoys the streams, mountains, and meadows.


2. She’s never late; many times you simply arrive early. The earlier in your relationship you realize a Southern Woman is much to spirited to be bound by the constraints of time the happier you will be.


3. Her planning for parties, showers, even tailgating is more complex than the invasion of Normandy by the allies. There must be multiple assortments of drinks and punches, at minimum of at least 4 different types of dips, 3 different types of chips, at least 2 different cheese varieties, and of course enough sausage balls to feed the confederate army.



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4. The speed of her thought doesn’t reflect the speed of her thought. Just because she talks with a charming drawl, don’t be fooled with all her sugariness into thinking she’s not smart. Far from it, and here’s a warning: Patronize her at your own risk – Southern families are known for their tempers and biting wit.


5. You will never need to bring a coozie again. Between her sorority sisters and all the party favors from all the weddings and showers she has attended she’s always in possession of extra coozies in her purse or in her car.



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6. She loves Jesus but she can cuss a little. She’s not going to ride you too hard if in your weakest moments you slip in a curse word here and there when you are upset or afraid. But if you start to talk with a sailor’s mouth, spraying expletives every other word, she may begin to wonder if you are a match. She'll tell you a better match for you would be on of those slutty girls.


7. She’s a big-hearted lover that wants a simple hometown kind of love. Regardless of her career, her busy family, or her community involvement – even when her schedule gets overly committed – she is still calmed by the simplest of things. She’s kind hearted, gentle, sensitive and full of a lot of love to give some lucky guy. That’s not to say if you toy with her heart she isn’t capable of stomping on you with her best Saturday night boots.





8. She will talk to anyone and everyone. If you are introvert guy, you have some adjusting to look forward to. She will go out of her way to engage with every person her eyeballs can identify. Southern ladies just love to talk, so either learn to join in, learn to smile a lot, or just learn to nod.


9. She won’t tolerate bad manners. She learned manners from her momma and her middle school cotillion. Manners are deeply engrained within her expectations, many of which passed down to her from her family. She expects you to open the door and be courteous to all persons you meet and she will do the same.


10. She doesn’t mind a little dirt or elbow grease. Yes, she grew up in her momma’s kitchen but she also spent some time in Dad’s garage. Dad taught her how to ride a bike, drive a car, cut the grass, fix a bike flat, put a worm on a fishing hook, the difference between a standard and Phillips screw driver. She likely spent some time at the creek or fishing with dad. Don’t underestimate her comfort with outdoors, ability to enjoy physical work, or mechanical insights.


11. Family comes first. You’ll need to figure out how to integrate into her family because family comes first. This includes the good (meals, events, stories, experiences) and the bad (drama’s, sister’s divorce). She will be there every step of the way and so will you – buckle up.




12. “Getting Ready” is as relative to a Southern Lady as gravity is to Einstein. In one context it can mean I just need a few minutes to put on my face. Another instance means I need an hour to curl my hair. Yet another instance means I need 6 hours to get ready for the country club dance. Best not to put her on the clock, just seek to understand whether she is thinking this is a throw on jeans and boots deal or the full hair experience. Hair is your key, if it is the full hair experience you are looking at hours.


13. They will know what she knows. When you date or marry a Southern girl she will share with her momma, sisters, friends, sorority sisters, roommates, church group ladies all of your strengths as well as your flaws. She will share the great times you have together as well as the details of your arguments. People will know things about your personality that you may not even be in touch with.  





14. She likes in when you man up. She certainly likes to be in the middle of things, love’s her independence, but don’t mistake that confident strength for her need for you to take control and make a decision for both of you. She needs and wants times where she isn’t coordinating through text, doing the research for a movie or restaurant review. Sometimes she just wants to be taken care of.


15. And finally, keeping your word as a man of integrity is foundational. While all the other things such as wit, companionship, and manners are important, she is always paying attention to your honesty, integrity, and transparency. She wants to trust you, she needs to trust you and you need to understand how important trust is to her and protect it with every action you take.


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Jane on March 09 2017 at 02:16PM

I have never read such spot on description of southern ladies. I was born and raised in the deep southern. I didn’t know that anyone understood us because it seemed that the rest if the US are implying that “you have to be like us to be accepted.” But southern pride says , “you got that wrong”.

Josephine on March 07 2017 at 12:01AM

16. She will point out typographical errors. Re-check the first phrases in numbers 4 and 14.

Paul on February 26 2017 at 11:33AM

I had one want another one, where is the best place to find one?

Mel on February 25 2017 at 10:25PM

And she likes a man who knows to proof read his blog… Mama was an English teacher you know, and unneccessary possessives make her cringe. “She likes in when you man up. She certainly likes to be in the middle of things, love’s her independence…”

Mel on February 25 2017 at 10:24PM

And she likes a man who knows to proof read his blog… Mama was an English teacher you know, and unneccessary possessives maker her cringe. “She likes in when you man up. She certainly likes to be in the middle of things, love’s her independence…”

Sherry Scruggs on February 25 2017 at 08:17PM

This is the only hand book a man needs to survive a Southern belle.

Leon Field on February 24 2017 at 10:52AM

Love this, but I should have met one long ago.

Kim Hawthorne on February 23 2017 at 10:56AM

She also knows her grammar and will stop reading a poorly written/edited article.

Todd E Jones on February 22 2017 at 01:30PM

Second date, dirt track racing :)


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