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5 Must Haves for every Southern Kitchen
Feb 01/17

5 Must Haves for every Southern Kitchen Posted by: Hedi Hemenway | 0 Comments

It seems at almost every party, family gathering, cookout, you name it the crowd always finds their way to the kitchen. One must always be prepared for unexpected guests. To ensure you are prepared we’ve found five items that are essential for a Southern Kitchen.

1. A great serving piece

Impress your guests with this Napa Valley Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray. The steel handles make it easy to carry. Whether you’re bringing out appetizers or drinks this beautiful wood tray can hold it all.

2. The perfect salad bowl

This unique Salad & Serving Bowl is not just for serving food. It can be used as a centerpiece on a table or bar. Did we mention it also comes with the serving utensils to match and complete the set!

3. A chef’s assistant

“Southerner’s know you don’t cook meals, you fix ‘em”. Let this "Southerner" Engraved Distressed Wood Cookbook Stand go to work for you. Free your hands to do whatever chopping, mixing, and oven opening that special recipe calls for. 



4. Salt and Pepper Shaker set

Pass the salt? Everyone knows you must pass the salt and pepper together! Happy Pigs Pewter Salt & Pepper Set are the perfect pair. Add your salt with flare, and enjoy the the happy piggy table set as you dine in contentment.

 Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

5. Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

A Southern Inspired Kitchen just isn't complete without the presence of a wooden Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan. This functional furnishing is sure to be a conversation piece that allows you to easily share food, condiments, wine or anything else you may choose for your kitchen guests.


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