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Bad-Ass Best Friends
Sep 06/16

Bad-Ass Best Friends Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment


Thelma and Louise, that iconic movie about girl power, friendship and troublemaking, celebrates its 24th anniversary this year. It’s the film that put women in the driver’s seat of the traditional “road trip” movie, gave Brad Pitt his big break, and highlighted the lengths women will go to for their best friends.

Fun fact: The screenplay was written by Callie Khouri, a woman born in Texas and raised in Kentucky. Maybe that’s why the story rings so true to life. It’s written by a Southern woman about Southern women living normal, humdrum lives who find themselves in deep sh*t. (Deep Sh*t, Arkansas, if you’ll recall.)

In honor of Thelma and Louise and the popularity of our necklace set bearing the same names, we asked Bourbon & Boots followers to share stories about their BFF, their confidante, their partner in crime. Their stories made us laugh, gasp, and even get a little misty. One lucky reader won her very own Thelma and Louise necklace set, while the rest of us win a revealing peek into the lives of other best friends.

Here are quotes from some of our favorite stories:

Denise Parker Dexter (Our randomly selected winner!)
Jenny Bolen DuBose is my partner in crime and best friend. Although we haven't had a lot of together time lately because of our parents and my health issues, when we are together we definitely make up for lost time. We can read each other's mind and know exactly what the other is thinking. We've shared countless tears and laughter. I love this girl with all my heart!! We both love some bling too! She's also as pistol- toting mama!!!

Judy Steadham
Vicki Foster Jones because she once gave me the underwear she was wearing. ....and that's all I can say about that incidentincidence….

Susan Sharp
BFF birthday gifts.
Brandi Wilde Because she is my ride or die bestfriend!! If I was in trouble she would be there for me no questions asked!!! She loves me for me with my flaws and all!! [...]She’s my bestfriend and I just love her! We even had this cake for my birthday.

Courtney Renee Blevins
Gifts for your best friends.
Brandi Goodman Norris, you are my Louise!! I know if I ever needed to run away, you're the girl I'm grabbin before I go!

Michelle McFall
What would you do for your bff?
Leslie Mann Marron. Our story of Thelma and Louise. It was September 2011 and my birthday, I wanted to go somewhere I hadn't gone for my birthday so I hit the internet looking and what did I find, Camel Races in Virginia City, NV. Yup,I hit Leslie up and next thing you know we jump in her beautiful Corvette and made the 3 hour trip for the races for the weekend. It was the best weekend. We had so much fun and ended up with the nickname “Thelma and Louise” for the weekend.

Kathy Jacox Wilcox
United over their love of cars.
Back in 2014, we took a chance on sharing a room for a car event. She lives in NC, and I in CT. Best chance we ever took, and have been considered Thelma & Louise since. Never know what kind of trouble Teresa Jones and I will get into...whoops, Thelma and I will get into.

Kimberlee Nicole Daugherty
Friends forever. Sista from anotha mista.
She is not just my friend she is my sista from anotha mista!!! We are in our 30s
now, and I know our friendship will last till the day we die. I have literally referred to her as my Thelma for years!!! Some think a soulmate is a man who completes you, but I believe mine is my best friend Michelle.

Debbie Caldwell Liner
Thelma had nothing on this bestie.
Me and my friend Jennifer Bryant Pearson. Thelma & Louise on the road again. 

Katie Farmer
Thelma and Louise Tattoos.
My best friend and I and serious PHOTOS (tattoo photo)

Megan Nichole Hubble
Marlena is definitely my Louise. She’s my soul sister for life, and we always travel just us two and talk about never coming back. We call ourselves Thelma & Louise all the time [...].

Lisa Cristia
Road trip roomies.
Sherry Burns Fuller is always there for a road trip and what happens on a road trip, stays on a road trip. Tee Hee.

Carly Bennet
Let's just keep going.

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Sandra Esquivel on September 10 2016 at 11:03PM

Adriana Mena is a one of a kind kinda woman, one who is tough yet gentle at the same time… Loud but shy. She is my ride or die.


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