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Jan 27/17

All Wrapped Up in Wedding Gift Ideas Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Is it just us or is everyone getting married these days? You can hardly swing a dead bouquet of flowers without hitting a wedding party. And just as you might worry about wearing the same dress as some other stylish wedding-goer, what if you accidentally buy the same food processor?

Well, worry not, wedding invitees. We have plenty of wedding gift ideas from home decor to apparel that will have glowing thank you notes filling your mailbox. We can guarantee that. Just scroll down for our wedding gift suggestions for those folks around you tying the knot.

(And for those with impending nuptials, did you know it’s possible to register for wedding gifts on Bourbon and Boots via Amazon? Just sign up for universal registry and get everything you want from our site. It’s easy as peach pie.)

William Carlos Williams Tea Towel, $16
A lovely little poem that reminds us of the little notes couples leave each other all over the house is screen-printed on this William Carlos Williams Poem Tea Towel. The font used is one we can imagine came fresh from Williams’ typewriter.

State Love Pint Glasses: $20
Every new home should be furnished with pint glasses and love, and these are personalized state glasses will accomplish both of those tasks in style.

Custom Heart-Tree Pillow Case, $36
Bring a little more love to a corner of your nest. The tree image is hand screenprinted on cotton, and red embroidered heart is ‘carved’ into the tree trunk, with your initials or names etched inside. An adorable way to mark your love, without actually marking a tree.

Engraved Venn Diagram Cutting Board, from $40
A Venn diagram shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets. It’s also really cute when applied to relationships. This custom Engraved Venn Diagram Cutting Board is no exception. It’s the mathematical depiction of where two hearts intersect.

Circle of Love Necklace, $38
Well, this one is more for her, but she’ll cherish this Circle of Love Necklace that’s hand-stamped with her wedding date and her new name. This beautiful, hand-cut sterling silver circle measures about 1 1/4″ across and can be customized with names separated by dots.

Just You and Me Pillows, $85
Speaking of pillows, these large, comfy pillow shams have this hand-painted burlap sign of the new couple’s love. It’s a 26 x 26 inch pillow cover perfect for cuddling up with a significant other. (This is for the shams only.)

Atlas Map Hearts Print: $119
The couples of today don’t often meet in the same hometown. They grow up in one town, fall in love in another and settle down in a third. These Atlas Map Hearts Prints beautifully illustrate that story.

Collector’s Copper Cups, $149
Let the new couple toast to forever with these long-lasting, historically accurate Copper Cups. Though they don’t pre-date the institution of marriage, they’ve been made the same way since the early 1800s. Gorgeous, practical and steeped in tradition.

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