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Jul 19/13

All Your Best Men: Groomsmen Gift Ideas Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

This time of year, we can’t tell if wedding season is coming or going, we just know it’s all around. And while the bride and groom have a registry giving hints about what gifts they’d like, the groomsmen might be the most difficult members of the wedding party to please.

Gifts? For a bunch of guys? Yikes.

If you’re searching for groomsmen gift inspiration, look no further than this list. We’ve even sorted it by price, because you’re probably on a wedding budget.


Dapper Dude Handkerchief on BourbonandBoots.com
Dapper Dude Handkerchief, ($11)
Your groomsmen are more than likely a group of dapper dudes. Give them this handkerchief made specially for cleaning beards, mopping brows, and gallantly wiping the noses of small children. Handkerchief features hand-lettering and a hand-drawn vintage style pipe. Printed on 100 percent cotton with water-based ink.


Horn Shot Glasses on BourbonandBoots.com
Horn Shot Glass, ($21)
Take your first shot as a married man in manly style with a Horn Shot Glass made from genuine hand-polished cow horn. We can hardly imagine anything cooler.


State Quarter Cuff Links on BourbonandBoots.com
State Quarter Cuff Links, ($22)
Your groomsmen will proudly wear these to the office everyday, or on business trips to remind them of home. Choose any state in the union and slip them on your sleeves.


The Plano Beer Holster from Holestar and Bourbon & Boots
Beer Holster ($25)
This may be the world’s best groomsman gift. Every dude wants one of these because sometimes you need a beer AND an extra hand. Put one on each hip, and now you’re really packing some heat.


Mustache Elixir Hip Flask on BourbonandBoots.com

Metal Hip Flask, $26
White Lightning, Genuine Moonshine, Mustache Elixer, no matter what drink puts hair on your chest, these cheeky hip flasks are the hippest way to hit the sauce.


Bullet Cufflinks for BourbonandBoots.com

Bullet Cufflinks ($35)
If you’re not giving groomsmen a pen (see below), cufflinks would be the most traditional option, right? Well, outside of a fifth of whiskey, yeah. These brass bullet cufflinks add a sharp edge to a suit. Definitely thinking outside the box.


Hardcore Hammer or Hatchet, ($36-$40)
For the groomsmen who work with their hands, these hardcore hammers or hatchets will suit them fine. Hardcore Hammers is the creation of two carpenters who after 16 years on the job, had enough of working with mediocre tools. You can trust these are made by men who care.


Handmade Neck Ties on BourbonandBoots.com

Handmade Skinny Neckties, $40
Pair one with the classic, white button-up and slacks and get ready to turn the head of every woman in the room. Ties are hand-sewn with either new or vintage fabric with an eye for detail. Available in 3 styles.


Andrew Bow Tie on BourbonandBoots.com

Handmade Bow Ties, $40
Whether you’re the President of the United States, an artist, a tennis champion, singer, actor, own a steel empire or just plain awesome, a regal, handmade bow tie completes the look of the distinguished gentleman.


Satchel and Page Leather Wallets, ($40-$65)
The hand-crafted, quality over quantity nature of these wallets means they’ll last far longer than a store-bought wallet. Go for the minimalist, slim wallet or try the classic bifold style. Hand-stitching and protective waxes give these wallets a distinctive, rugged look.


Jack Daniels Machine Gun Writing Gift Pen from Farrell Woods and Bourbon & Boots

Machine Gun Pen ($61)
The engraved pen might be the standard groomsman gift, but this machine gun cartridge puts a twist on it, as it’s crafted from an authentic, once-fired 50-caliber brass machine gun bullet cartridge. And this version offers free engraving for even more personalization.


Great American Flask on BourbonandBoots.com

Copper Flask, $199
Because you always wanted to be like the founding fathers. Stately and regal, the historically-correct design of this Great American Copper Flask is as old as bourbon itself. Built to last out of pure copper.

Click to see a full list of groomsman gift ideas.



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