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Jan 27/17

America’s Beer Choices by State Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments


Quick, what’s your go-to beer? If you said Bud Light, Blue Moon or Yuengling, you’d be in the Southern majority. Of course, the Northeast is dominated by Samuel Adams, while California single-handedly keeps Corona afloat.

These results were revealed in a poll and illustrated in this logo-centric map of how we drink beer in America. In the poll, drinkers were given the chance to choose between 18 popular beers, or submit their own.

It reveals that, apparently, while Budweiser wasn’t looking, Blue Moon became the new King of Beers. It’s probably that slice of orange, y’all. Somehow it just FEELS healthier.

Other poll findings: 

— Of the top five states that drink the most, not one of them are Southern (unless you count D.C.)

— Southerners also do not complain about their hangovers.

— Florida residents and people over 50 are 3x more likely to drink everyday as the national average.

See the full story and a funny infographic breaking beer drinking down by gender, political party and more.



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