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Southern Stories
Jan 27/17

Arts Center hosts Children’s Theatre Event for the Big Kids Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Thursday night, the Arkansas Arts Center hosted Giant Peaches & Fuzzy Navels: An Adults-Only Event. Rather than where your filthy mind probably just wandered, this was an occasion where all the grown-ups got to eat candy, toss back frilly drinks and heehaw at the Children’s Theatre’s production of “James and the Giant Peach.” And, as you might imagine, it was a whole lot of fun. Guests mingled, munched on Peachie-O’s, listened to Paul Morphis’ folk music and let the libations set in. Then, they were treated to a groovy, flowerchild rendition of the Roald Dahl classic.

Shannon Murphy, Felicia Cash and Jenny Ball

Cassandra Nary, Sinovia Mayfield and Katherine Yacko

Jenny Ball and Paul Morphis

Lauren Lafferty and Ashley Thomas

Dispensing fuzzy navels at the groovy bar.

Himanshu Banda, Jeremy Mathey and Garrett Flood

Heather Canterbury, Annie Oh and Sammy Williams

Matt Peoples and Penelope Poppers

Anna Lacoste and Daniel Hines



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