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Jan 27/17

Be a Happy Stamper: DIY Spoon Tutorial Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

When my husband and I married, we were broke. Our first apartment was 650 square feet and furnished entirely in hand-me-downs from family or garage sale finds. Our silverware was a combination of three partial sets donated by various relatives.



Even though we’ve since replaced the majority of our possessions with better quality (or at least sort of matching) items, I held on to the old utensils. I just kept thinking I might use them for something.

Now I have the perfect plan: Sweet Tea Spoon care packages. Sadly, many of our friends have moved out of the South. Sweet tea is a luxury north of the Mason Dixon line. So I’ve begun making care packages for them. The process is remarkably simple.



Supplies: spoons, steel letters (available at most hardware stores) and a hammer. Then it’s just a matter of holding the letters in place and hammering. I recommend doing this outside on concrete, or if you have one, a word working bench. Some people like to use markers to dot where they intend to hit. It’s not a bad idea to wear gloves or safety goggles. The older the spoons, the easier they are to work with. The newer spoons are made of very nice stainless steel. It doesn’t scratch easily. That makes it wonderful for everyday use, but a pain for this project.



I recommend starting with some practice spoons. There’s a bit of a craft to this. The letters have to be held exactly in place or you get a blurry outcome.



Then all that’s left to do is package them in a fun way for your friends. Throw in some tea, sugar cubes (or sweetener if all your friends are like mine and off sugar) and of course the “Tea” spoon. There’s really no end to the ways you can use letter stamped spoons. Some people use them as plant markers after stamping “basil” or “mint” on them and sticking them in the ground. Others like to stamp forks with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” for couples to use when they eat cake at their wedding. However you choose to use them, just remember that presentation is half the fun of gift giving.




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