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Beer Legends: Who Do You Wanna Grab A Beer With?
Jan 26/17

Beer Legends: Who Do You Wanna Grab A Beer With? Posted by: Drew Ford | 0 Comments

It’s one of the best compliments you can get: “They’re just the type of person you feel you could grab a beer with.” Being a beer drinker makes you seemed laid back, easy to get a long with, and social. Beer has been around since the days of ancient Mesopotamia and it has a long list of admirers. Today we thought we’d highlight some of those beer legends and folks that we feel we could just grab a beer with. 


ben franklin beer quote

Benjamin Franklin: Franklin said it best when he said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” That means he’s sure to be fun at a bar right? And he has that whole experimenting with electricity thing going for him. We’ll share a cold one with you any day Ben!


jack nicholson beer quote

Jack Nicholson: Jack Nicholson is one of the ultimate bad boys of Hollywood. He does and says what he wants and we admire that. Plus, he’s been in the business for so long, he’s sure to have some good drinking stories. 


w.c. field beer quote

W.C. Fields: Fields is old school Hollywood. As in the glamour days of the industry. He also happens to have some of the best one liners about drinking. What we wouldn’t give to have Nicholson and Fields together, chatting over a round of brews!


plato beer quote
Plato: For many college is filled with beer laden memories. So it makes sense to us that Plato, the founder of Western Civilization's first higher learning institute, make the beer drinking list. Then include all the man's wisdom in science and philosophy, he's sure to make a great drinking partner. 
Who do you wanna grab a beer with? Let us know in the comments.

Drew Ford
Drew was born in Arkansas, but has been lucky to call several southern states home. She’s currently working on Masters in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. She loves vinyl records, long road trips, and acquiring useless trivia.



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