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Best College Tailgating Spots, Pt. 1
Sep 01/16

Best College Tailgating Spots, Pt. 1 Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 1 Comment

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We’re dreaming of tailgating season. Lucky for us there are plenty of great tailgating spot to go around, and here are just a few of our favorites:

University of Tennessee: Tailgating at the University of Tennessee is just unique. With the Tennessee River that close to campus, and the stadium, fans can choose to take their love for the Volunteers on the water.

The University of Alabama: The thing about the University of Alabama is that they know their football. This school takes football seriously and it takes throwing a party seriously, just don’t show up in the wrong color. If you get a little worn out from all the festivities be sure to check out the Bear Bryant Museum.

Ole Miss: Oh the Grove. Maybe no tailgate spot is as famous as this one. The Grove is a magical place of football where bigger and fancier is better. You know what Rebel fans say “We may lose a game, but we never lose a party!”

LSU: What sets LSU apart in its tailgating is the food and the atmosphere. This isn’t your typical hot dog and hamburger tailgate. This is Louisiana and they’re going to show you how proud they are to be from there. If you make fans, we’re sure someone will be happy to share some jambalaya or gumbo.

The Ohio State: Sure, your school has tradition, but Ohio State REALLY has tradition. From the band to rounds of “Hang on Sloopy” this crowd is loud and passionate.

Where are your favorite towns to tailgate?


By Drew Ford 
Drew was born in Arkansas, but has been lucky to call several southern states home. She’s currently working on Masters in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi. She loves vinyl records, long road trips, and acquiring useless trivia.



Robert on August 11 2016 at 03:18PM

I’ve tailgated at Ohio State. Overall a great scene with lots of fans, but the venues are either far from the stadium or parking decks. Illinois has better tailgating locations for campers and such right across from Memorial Stadium.


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