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Southern Stories
Jul 09/13

Best Food Trucks in the South Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

So this list by Deep South Magazine of the 47 best food trucks in the South isn’t exactly new, but it’s still pretty handy this time of year. Summer is smack dab in the middle of food truck season, and some of these look fantastic. And though we love a good taco truck, this comprehensive list is full of wheeled kitchens slinging Southern soul food delicacies like barbecue, pimento cheese burgers and chicken and waffles.

Trucks ranging from the American Meltdown in North Carolina — where a grilled cheese sandwich means sourdough bread, Manchego cheese and Romesco sauce – to the King Cake-topped french fries of Louisiana’s Freetown Fries. (Combining sugar and grease is what my home state does best. Well, that and drinking daiquiris and driving. We’re pros at that, too.) Here in Little Rock we can vouch for the deliciousness that is the Southern Gourmasian. We’re fairly certain the good Lord himself would wrap his lunch in those steamed buns. (What does God have for lunch, anyway?)

No matter what state you’re in, this list seems legit. But what do you think? Any delicious food truck oversights in your hometown? What would you add to the list?



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