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Best Game Day Traditions
Jan 26/17

Best Game Day Traditions Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


Hog Call, University of Arkansas: It may very well be the most recognizable college football cheer around. Certainly the most unique. Arkansas fans raise their hands above their heads, wiggle their fingers, and loudly cheer “Woooo Pig Sooie!” Rumor has it that this tradition was started by local farmers in the area, but nowadays the Hog Call is heard all over the state.

Chief Osceola, Florida State University: The relationship between Florida State University and the Seminole tribe is a unique one. Before every home game, Osceola, representative of a leader of the Seminole tribe, rides in on Renegade, his Appaloosa horse. The duo stop mid field and Chief Osceola throws a flaming spear into the ground.

The Pink Visitor’s Locker Room, University of Iowa: If you ever have to play the University of Iowa at home, don’t be surprised if the visitor locker room is pale pink. That’s because in the 1970’s the head football coach, believing that the color pink weakness aggressive tendencies had the locker room painted.

12th man, Texas A&M: At Texas A&M the crowd is just as important in the game as the team. Enter the 12th man. It’s the notion that, although there may be 11 men on the field, the crowd is number 12, and they have a role to play too. While we’re on the subject of A&M, another favorite tradition? If the team scores on the field, you score in the stand, meaning you have to give your date a kiss!

Dotting the I, The Ohio State: The Ohio State is somewhat notorious for their marching band, particularly when they spell out the word Ohio. For a special someone, the task is given to dot the I.


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