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Southern Stories
Bourbon and Coke — A Classic, If Not Classy, Cocktail
Aug 26/13

Bourbon and Coke — A Classic, If Not Classy, Cocktail Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

What was the first drink you ever mixed for yourself? If you grew up in the South, chances are, it involved a coke. Maybe you used rum, maybe it was whiskey, but nothing mixes with alcohol quite like Coca-Cola.

Garden and Gun has written a short ode to this classic Southern cocktail, saying,

It is far from the South’s finest drink—connoisseurs consider it a severe affront to whiskey, and ordering one in a high-end bourbon bar will yield you a bartender’s sneer if not a flat-out refusal to mix one—but it may be its most ubiquitous. It’s a tailgating staple, a lawn-mowing refreshment, a deer-camp mainstay, the nearest thing to a cocktail you’ll find in roadhouses, and, after cold beer, perhaps the second most-popular content of red Solo cups.

Ok, we know you’re already sold on bourbon and coke, but the best part about this essay was the Reengineered Bourbon and Coke recipe on page 2. If you want to get all fancified, make your own Coke syrup, grab some bitters and go to town.

Or just crack open a coke and a fifth of your favorite bourbon and mix it up. Sure it’s only Monday, but we won’t tell.



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