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Bourbon & Boots Exclusive Q&A With Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows
Dec 12/12

Bourbon & Boots Exclusive Q&A With Moziah Bridges of Mo’s Bows Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Bourbon & Boots was so inspired by the ambition and dedication of  Moziah Bridges, 11-year old founder of Mo’s Bows in Memphis, Tenn., we just had to ask him a few questions…it’s not everyday a kid gets a great idea, executes it with style, sells to celebrities and still finds time for his favorite cartoons.

B&B: How old were you when you learned to sew?
MB: My granny taught me how to sew when I was 9 years old.

B&B: What is your favorite TV show?
MB: Good Luck Charlie on Disney Channel

B&B: Who is your role model and why?
MB: Roshon Fegan because he has a lot of style and he is a great actor and dancer just like me.

B&B: What about bow ties appeals to you?
MB: They are different and very very classic.

B&B: What has been the biggest moment of your career thus far?
MB: Going to Chicago to be on the Steve Harvey Show because it’s a national TV show.

B&B: Bow ties were a fashion statement that until a few years ago were way out of style. When did you first notice bow ties were back?
MB: I saw my dad wear them sometimes. But I started thinking bow ties were cool when I saw the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown and other superstars wearing them.

B&B: How do you fit school, friends, activities AND bow ties into your schedule?
MB: Well since I AM the CEO I get to set my own business hours and I have my family working with me all the time so I do all my school work and fun time first, and then I work on Mo’s Bows when I feel like it. I really like the interviews and talking to people the most.

B&B: What do your friends think about your bow tie passion?
MB: They think it’s cool, one day my friend asked me if he can have a job working for my company. LOL! Some of them are trying to figure out what kind of business they want already.

B&B: Which bow tie did you wear on the Steve Harvey show and which one did you sell him?
MB: I wore the bow tie I call Blossom because it went really good with my orange converse shoes. I made a special paisley bow tie for Steve Harvey with cool blues and purple colors. I think he really liked it too.

B&B: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
MB: I see myself driving because I’ll have my license when I’m 16. I already know that I want a Mini Cooper. And I will have my own school uniform clothing line. I just started Clete’s Closet. So now I sell mens vintage clothes and my bow ties. Yep, I’m on my way to the top making my dreams come true!

B&B: What is your favorite food?
MB:Chicken Alfredo with broccoli, that’s some good stuff!

B&B: How do you choose your fabrics?
MB: Well my granny has her own vintage stash of fabrics that she had for a long time, like 50 years or something so I get alot from her and at the fabric store I look for cool fun prints.

B&B: I noticed you make a lot of team bow ties. Is there any one or two sports teams that you root for the most?
MB: LOL! I really like these questions…Definitely the Memphis Tigers and I like the Dallas Cowboys too.


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