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Bourbon Makes it Better: Hot Drinks
Jan 20/17

Bourbon Makes it Better: Hot Drinks Posted by: Hedi Hemenway | 0 Comments

We used to think there was nothing better than a creamy hot chocolate on a cool night. Then one night after a long day at the office, we got the idea to add bourbon to our hot chocolate. And that’s when we discovered we had been wrong all along. There is something better than creamy hot chocolate on a cool night. It’s spiked creamy hot chocolate on a cool night. Our newfound discovery inspired us to experiment with other hot drinks, too. Turns out bourbon makes quite the addition (admittedly, we were probably more surprised than you). Here are some ideas:


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Bourbon Spiked Hot Chocolate

After adding a shot of bourbon to your hot chocolate, top with marshmallows and then drizzle with chocolate syrup. Yeah, we went there.


Warm Bourbon Cider

Adding bourbon to your cider gives it a refreshing kick, and be sure and add cinnamon, ground ginger, and ground nutmeg to your cider. 


Bourbon Spiked Coffee

A nice dark roast deserves a smooth shot of bourbon, topped with fresh whipped cream, and for an added refreshing delight, drizzle a hint of homemade crème de menthe on top. 

What are some of your favorite bourbon spiked hot drinks?




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