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Bourbon Pairings
Sep 19/16

Bourbon Pairings Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

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Pairing Bourbon with Food? Why, Yes!

Ready to think outside the box and ditch pairing wine with dinner to pairing bourbon with dinner? Then you’re in luck, as below we offer a simple yet interesting way for bourbon and food lovers to make a beautiful match.


First Course: Salad

With bourbon’s dried fruit undertones, think goat cheese with mixed greens, or a creamy dill dressing with iceburg and bacon.



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Second Course: Entrée

Braised Lamb, Grilled Porkchop with Apple Chutney, and Roasted Duck with Fennel are all wonderful compliments to bourbon, and Roasted New Potatoes, Candied Carrots, and even Brussel Sprouts round out the dish.


Third Course: Dessert

Bourbon’s signature vanilla sweetness make it perfect for dessert pairing. Chocolate Crème Brulee with a touch of Cinnamon, or Apple Pie with Aged Cheddar and Vanilla Icecream are surefire hits.


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