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Jan 27/17

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas for All Your Singular Ladies Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

So you’re going to the chapel? You’re gonna get married?

You’ll need some fabulous bridesmaids to put up with your half-crazed wedding antics. And what better way to say, “I appreciate you not firing missiles at my bridezilla face” as well as “thank you for being a friend” than with a thoughtful, heartfelt bridesmaid gift?

Luckily, we’ve got a slew of gifts to please any bridesmaid and secure long-lasting forgiveness for your transgressions. Even if you’re on a budget. Browse through our list for gifts your long-suffering girl pals will love. Need more ideas? Click here.

Tea Towels, $16
Maybe your don’t get to sit down for tea and cookies anymore, but these adorable, screen-printed tea towels will make you want to. Each design is an original illustration by Gingiber featuring a bear, fox, owl, deer and caribou printed with eco-friendly, machine-washable inks.

Small Batch Bourbon Truffles, $32
These truffles combine the beauty of chocolate with the beast of bourbon. (That reminds us of a Rolling Stones song…) As you might have guessed, it’s a match made in heaven. These are not your grandma’s bourbon balls, or your grandpa’s bourbon. They are rich, creamy chocolate flavors paired with some of Kentucky’s finest bourbons.

Buffalo Girl Soap and Lotion, $22
All-natural soap and lotion set for your girls in five scents ranging from orange and sandalwood to lavender. We’re particularly fond of the latter, and we’ll slather on the lavender lotion and breathe in that calming scent when things get hectic around the office. Or when things aren’t hectic. Pretty much all of the time, is what we’re saying.

Music City Bath Set, $20
Your bridesmaids can Walk the Lime, Stand by Your Mandarin, or dance a Tea-nnessee Waltz with these Nashville-inspired bath products. For this Choose-Your-Own Music City Bath Set, pick one handcrafted soap, one lotion bar, and one lip balm containing only natural oils and waxes. Each product pays homage to the country music and self-reliant farmland that built Nashville. Only all-natural, vegetarian ingredients are used.

You’re the Best and the Mostest, $25
As witness to your big day of tying the knot, your bridesmaids will always have a special place in your heart. Tell them they’re the best and the mostest with this cute print.

You Are My Sunshine Necklace, $30
We have so many gorgeous necklaces on our site that it’s hard to pick just a few for your bridesmaids, but this one has the distinction of being both sweet and beautiful. Qualities we’re sure your lovely bridesmaids also possess.

Pleated Love Clutch, $30
Pleats are structured. Pleats are timeless. Pleats are pleasing. And it’s about time they were used in a handbag like this Pleated Love Clutch.

Johnny Cash Necklace, $42
Do I really need to sell you on this one? I mean, look at it. Every bridesmaid wants one of these.

Maker’s Mark Barrel Pen with crystals, $65
The pen always has a place at the wedding — usually next to the guest book — but this one would make a lovely keepsake item for your bridesmaids. It’s ladylike, yet durable. The pen comes in a gift box tied with a ribbon, free ink cartridge refill, and a certificate of authenticity that the pen was crafted from a Maker’s Mark whiskey barrel.


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