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Southern Stories
Jan 27/17

Butterly Fabulous Tomatoes Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Tomatoes and olive oil have always been a cliquish pair — palling around together with mozzarella and fresh basil. No doubt the olive juice and acidic tomatoes are a classic match. No one is arguing that point. However, maybe if tomatoes branched out a bit and hung out with other scrumptious oils — ahem, butter — the results could have potential for culinary greatness.


But who wants to smear butter on a tomato like so much jelly? That seems strange. Enter the frying pan to offer assistance for this brown-butter tomato recipe from Food52. Apparently the melted butter meshes with the tomato in a way that calls lobster tails to the palate. Really? That seems like the best kind of low-rent kitchen wizardry.

Here’s how they described it:

As you spoon the butter over the tomatoes, listen: they sizzle! Shower them with a flaky salt, grind over some pepper. And have at them. As Merrill noted, the tomatoes and butter together are mysteriously, deliciously reminiscent of lobster with melted butter. The richness. The sweet, tender flesh. The exquisite burst of summer.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but we’re heading to the kitchen right now to give it a shot.




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