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Southern Stories
Jul 22/13

Cast Iron Collection for All Seasonings Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

So this pro golfer named Davis Love III was featured in Garden and Gun for his collection of cast-iron skillets. It’s a hobby that began with his love for fried bologna sandwiches. As someone who also used to regulary eat fried bologna, I already feel a certain affinity for him. Wonder why I wasn’t set on the path to a skillet collection?


This story was more compelling than I expected. I mean, it IS about cookware. I learned some things I didn’t know, and I particularly liked this anecdote, “Getting the rust off old cast iron isn’t easy. At first, Love used electrolysis. He would drop a skillet into a vat of water and baking powder, then shock it until he’d stripped it down to bare metal. Later, he moved on to Coca-Cola, which he’d used as a young golfer to get the tarnish off his copper clubs. Now he prefers a store-bought rust remover.”

After he cleans the pans, it’s time to season them, with lard and low heat in the oven — just like your grandma did. “First, he rubs the cast iron with fat or shortening. Then he sets the oven to 200 degrees and lets his pieces sit in the heat for—well, until he remembers to take them out. “I come back sometimes,” says Love, “and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, that pan’s been in there for three days.’”

He still cooks his fried bologna in a cast iron pan. I think I’ll give it a go for dinner and see where it takes me.



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