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College Mascots We Love
Jan 26/17

College Mascots We Love Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 2 Comments


Some college mascots are iconic. See Alabama’s Big Al or Arkansas’ Tusk and you know which school they belong too. Some schools choose a little different approach. Below is a list of our favorite, sometimes silly, sometimes quirky, but always original college mascots.

Goldy Gopher, University of Minnesota: In the late 1800’s, Minnesota was dubbed “The Gopher State” in a political cartoon causing the university to adopt the team name “The Golden Gophers.” Goldy himself did not appear until the 1950s. He is regularly in the top 5 at the Mascot National Championships and as of 2013 has a statue in his honor.

Hokie, Virginia Tech: Truth be told, we aren’t exactly sure what a Hokie is. It looks like a large, purple turkey, but alumna tell us there’s more to the story. What we do know is that the name Hokie originated from a school cheer. The school previously had adopted the turkey mascot, operating under the name “The Gobblers.” When a football coach didn’t like that connotation, the Hokie Bird was born.

The Fighting Okra, Delta State: Although not officially recognized by the university, this mascot may be one our favorites. We can’t help it; we’re Southern, love okra, and this mascot is about as original as it gets. The mascot is a bit of an urban legend, randomly appearing on campus. 

Ramblin’ Wreck, Georgia Tech:  Spend a day in Bobby Dodd stadium and you are more than likely to see a gold, 1930 Ford Model A sport coupe drive onto the field at half time. While Tech has Buzz, the yellow jacket mascot, Ramblin’ Wreck is the real star of the show. Donated to the university in the 1960’s, Ramblin Wreck has become synonymous with the entire fanbase of this Atlanta based school.

Sooner Schooner, University of Oklahoma: Pulled by two white horses, appropriately named Boomer and Sooner, the official mascot of Oklahoma University is a mock of the wagons which were used to carry new settlers into the wild territory. Making its first appearance in 1964 every home Oklahoma University football game is kicked off with Sooner Schooner making a lap around the field.

Ralphie, University of Colorado: Ralphie, the University of Colorado live mascot, may just be the most unique mascot in college football. That’s because he’s a buffalo. The university got Ralphie through a classic, old school, college prank. In 1934, after the school decided to use the buffalo as their mascot, a group of students rented a buffalo to stand on the sidelines of the game. Ralphie has been running the fields ever since.

Boll Weevil and Cotton Blossoms, University of Arkansas at Monticello:  You’re probably asking: What in the world is a Boll Weevil? Well, if you were a southern farmer pre-1950, the boll weevil would certainly be something to be feared. Essentially, a boll weevil is a beetle like insect that eats cotton. As UAM is located in southeast Arkansas it makes sense that this mascot would bring immense terror to all who faced him. For the women’s teams, we have less of an explanation. The women’s sports teams are referred to as the Cotton Blossoms.



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Scott J. on August 11 2016 at 11:39AM

If you’re not including Sparty from Michigan State University, then you really haven’t even listed a mascot.

And Drew, your omission of Colonel Rebel is a real eye-opener, says this Ole Miss alumnus.

Susy Mendolia on August 02 2016 at 03:42PM

Where is my beloved “Horned Frog” from TCU?


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