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Southern Stories
Aug 13/13

Drafting a List of the Best Southern Bars Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Perhaps you’re wondering where’s the best place to get a bloody mary in your neck of the woods. Or to sip a gin and tonic while gazing at the gorgeous blue ridge mountains.

Maybe you’re seeking a watering hole for both you and your dog. Or hoping to hide your head in a friendly dive bar. Or maybe some swank cocktail lounge where nobody knows your name.

It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but Garden and Gun has compiled a go-to reference list of the 50 Best Southern Bars. (If you’re not much on reading, there’s a photo slideshow.) And it’s helpfully divided into categories so it goes down even smoother. They’ve even got speakeasies and “vintage bars ” on the list. A bar in our hometown — The Lassis Inn — made the list in the “Juke Joint” category, and we have to say that place is more well-known for its catfish than its cold cans of beer. Though we admit they go hand-in-hand.

They did cheat a bit by listing a bar in Washington, D.C., but we’ll give them a pass this time.

Which Southern bars do you think deserve a spot on the list?



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