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Jan 27/17

Easy, Fancy-pants Chocolate-Lavender Pancakes Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Our new favorite food site, Food52, has a from-scratch recipe for lavender pancakes with chocolate chunks that makes us want to have breakfast for dinner. 

It’s got a few more ingredients than we’d like to see from a recipe deemed “easy,” but Food52 promises it’s a simple mix. Pair it with a little creme fraiche and — as they suggest — dig in with your pinky finger out.

Between the tangy crème frâiche, the sweet and sensual chocolate, the citrusy lemon and the floral lavender, the flavors in these pancakes perfectly complement each other to create a full sensory explosion. Not to mention they’re the fluffiest we’ve ever had. They’re so good you can even eat them without maple syrup. If that’s not compelling, I’m not sure what is.

 This recipe is comfortably fancy-pants but down-home enough to please the whole family … because — breakfast, lunch or dinner — who would argue with chocolate at mealtime?

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