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Feasible Fall Crafts, Because You’re No Martha Stewart
Oct 01/13

Feasible Fall Crafts, Because You’re No Martha Stewart Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

For crafters, homemakers and Pinterest-possessed people everywhere, fall doesn’t begin with the autumnal equinox — fall officially arrives when Martha Stewart graces us with the Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Living and reveals whatever freakishly adorable costume her team has come up with for her to wear on the cover. Once we know which overly intricate pattern she’s carved into her pumpkin, we can start on our own crooked, toothpicked-together versions and set out to fulfill Halloween’s infinite craftiness potential.

Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, totally doable Halloween crafts for the majority of us who are not Martha Stewart. Now, please excuse us while we start stitching our failure of a “Fairy GrandMartha” getup.


Ink-Jet Tattoos
When your “Fairy GrandMartha” costume takes an ugly turn from Glinda the Good Witch to “Toddlers in Tiaras,” you can fall back on this easy, haunting way to mask your angst. Hey, it’s still Martha Stewart, so you’re still guaranteed to have one of the best costumes of the night.


Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins
Since mason jars are pretty much the most stylish thing ever to drink out of, you’ve probably already amassed a lot of them. Turn the lids into this cute centerpiece, and fill the jars with something seasonal, like spiced cider, at your next shindig.


Hand-Painted Tights
We’re pretty enamored of the evil eye pattern this crafter applied to her tights, but you can paint whatever you want, in whatever color, for whatever occasion. Your thighs are the limit. Yeah, we said it…


Iron-On Owl Shirt
That creepy feeling you get when someone’s standing behind you… you’re going to get that a lot when you wear this homemade shirt in public. They’re probably just admirers, but still … watch your back.


Witch Finger Pretzels
We don’t suggest scaring neighborhood children and parents by passing out these ghoulish goodies to trick-or-treaters, but we do think they’re great fare for party guests. Go ahead. Give them your digits.


Black Cat Fingernails
We feel pretty lucky this clever cat manicure crossed our path. These nails give us cat scratch fever … in a good way.


Pumpkin Party Cooler
Once again, Martha Stewart does that thing where she turns something really simple into something incredibly brilliant, and you’re like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s ok. It’s what she does. Don’t feel bad about yourself.


Homemade Unicorn Costume
Alright, y’all. Pack up your sewing machines and go home. You can give up now. This girl wins. I’m just kidding. I could totally make this. Whatever.


Willa Dean has come a long way from the days when she used sequins, felt and fabric glue to create undersized, overdone costumes for her family pets. Now she buys them from the store. You can write her at willadeanwriter@gmail.com..



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