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Jan 27/17

Fondue It Up Right: Texas Cheese Dip Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Cheese dip. Sure you could melt Velveeta and stir in a can of Rotel and call it a day — and no one would think less of you — but could you even contemplate making it from scratch? Where do you even begin? What if it’s too chunky or too soupy?

That’s what recipes are for, silly, your mouth seems to say.

Though we maintain cheese dip was invented in Arkansas, Texas Monthly says, “Likely a descendant of queso flameado, the “flamed cheese” of northern Mexico, chile con queso (and by the way, gringos, it’s “keh-so,” not “kay-so”) might as well be its own food group in this state. The ridiculously gratifying Tex-Mex fondue is a fixture on restaurant menus and an honored guest at any tailgating party, church social, or backyard fiesta.”

And like most things in Texas, their chile con queso recipe — taken from a noted Lone Star chef — seems to be bigger and arguably better, even though it still uses processed cheese. “The fact is, like it or not, the creamy queso most of us know and love is made with processed cheese. If that offends your epicurean sensibilities, you can take heart knowing that Julia Child, upon sampling her first queso at Matt Martinez Jr.’s No Place restaurant, in Dallas, reportedly indulged in three more servings.”


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