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Franklin, My Dear, We Give a Damn
Jan 26/17

Franklin, My Dear, We Give a Damn Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Nowadays historic locales across the South have more to offer than a quintessential small-town feeling. Downtown Franklin, Tenn., is a perfect example of a thriving city where historical roots are mixed with trendy hot spots. While you will find what seems like an endless number of funky boutiques and amazing restaurants, here’s a sampling of great places to check out while in town.

downtown franklin tennessee

For breakfast with a history …
Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant became part of the Williamson County community in 1950 when it served as the local country store. While you could still stop in to buy a carton of local eggs, I never leave without actually being served eggs. Be sure to try the white pepper gravy. It is something close to spectacular, which is saying something coming from a girl who is picky about her gravy.

For shopping that makes a difference …
Philanthropy is a shop that does not stray far from its name, having donated more than $300,000 to individuals in just a little over five years. The fashion is just as good as their hearts — my favorites include unique jewelry made using vintage finds and Sseko sandals.

For lunch where the locals eat …
Tennessee has its fair share of Southern diners, but venture to Dotson’s Restaurant if you want to try one of the oldest (and best) meat-and-threes. My picks are the fried chicken, sweet potato mash, yeast rolls and cornbread muffins. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, then the heavenly desserts will do the trick. I’m a sucker for the coconut cream pie.

For brunch with a French Quarter feel …
If you find yourself in Franklin on the weekend and brunch is your thing, you should definitely give 55 South a try. The atmosphere is eclectic, which mirrors the menu. Think of eggs Benedict, but with French bread and Boudin Sausage; or a not-so-everyday omelet topped with Crawfish Creole. Of course, you could just go for the Bloody Mary bar, because that certainly is reason enough.

For lunch with a little luck of the Irish …
My experience with Irish pubs is that they are, more often than not, good for drinks but not so good for food. However, McCreary’s Pub is good for both. The beer menu is more extensive than I expected with selections including the 3-pour Guinness Imperial Pint and my all time favorite (and hard to find) cider – Ace Pear. The fish and chips are hands down the best I’ve had without having to cross the pond. Deep fried and flaky, but not greasy like most American-Irish pubs.

For dinner that’s Southern, yet progressive …
Eggplant fries, a yummy salad featuring a sunnyside egg, and a dish that includes bacon, lobster and truffle – unexpected and amazing. Red Pony is a hip spot that manages to keep the menu approachable, not to mention the incredible drink list that features numerous wine, beer and liquor options. My favorites are from the unique specialty drinks. White Grape Lemon Drop anyone?

For a show at the prettiest theatre you’ll ever see …
The illuminated sign of The Franklin Theatre first cast its glow on Main Street in 1937. While much has changed, including the state-of-the-art improvements, that historic sign still shines brightly on the downtown square. Music, movies and live theatre give everyone a chance to see the venue, which will certainly be around for many more years to come.


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Lauren Weintraub is a Little Rock native but now calls Nashville home. When she is not dining or shopping, she moonlights as the owner of The Solution Girl – providing professional organizing, party planning and problem solving services to clients throughout the south..



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