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Fun With Southern Hashtags
Mar 04/17

Fun With Southern Hashtags Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Our Bourbon & Boots team had a lot of fun the past few weeks working on our Social Southern Hashtag contest.   We live in a world of hashtags, the syntax that unites otherwise chaotic social medial blurbs into a manageable and searchable narratives.  


We put together a program for the 2 million people that engage with the Bourbon & Boots Lifestyle brand each week to have them contribute their favorite hashtag southernisms. Of course we weren’t disappointed as everyone knows southerners are clever and insightful; there is nothing like a clever joke told slowly with a hint of southern drawl. So not surprising social media is dripping with Southern hashtags, many practical in nature, but several just plain hilarious.


We’ve grouped our submissions into a few groups to make them easier to understand.   We hope y’all #SouthernEnjoy ~!


  1. Game Day: As you know the South Loves its teams & its rivalries. Rivalry week is full of #<InsertTeam>HateWeek hashtags. There is no bigger southern rivalry than in-state Iron Bowl Auburn vs. Alabama. Iron Bowl week always means heating up social media to fan the flames of competition and here were some of our favorites.


Posted to #ThingsILikeMoreThanAuburn


  • Black Friday Shopping Crowds
  • The Jersey Shore In August
  • Watching a WNBA Game
  • Expired Butter Milk
  • Going to the Motor Vehicle Department to Renew My License


Posted to #Things ILikeMoreThanAlabama


  • Listening to Justin Bieber on Repeat While Having My Colonoscopy
  • Passing the Largest Kidney Stone the Doctor Has Ever Seen
  • Listening to Lou Holtz Read Atlas Shrugged Aloud
  • Wisdom Teeth Surgery While On A Business Trip to Yemen


  1. Food. Paula Deen used TWTR as a forum to share some her best dishes under #PaulasBestDish, but a couple of years ago when she found herself amidst some public controversy the humorist had some fun at her expense with satirical versions such #WeShallOvercrumbCake and #BackoftheBusBiscuits.


Did you know that #BBQ gets over 18,000 mentions per hour and #fried is over 12,000 mentions per hour. #SweetTea not so much at only 300 mentions per hour.


  1. Southern Roots. Most people are aware of #southern, #southernliving, #southerncharm, but the following are a few other practical hashtags that are commonly used for southern banter.


  • #growingupsouthern
  • #onlyinthesouth
  • #southernstrong
  • #southernmen
  • #southernbelle
  • #southerngirls
  • #southernboy


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