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Jan 27/17

Gift Guide to Florida Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments


If this country is a melting pot, the Sunshine State is like the low flame keeping it warm enough for that mixture meld. It’s so diverse, we can hardly put a finger on what it even means to be from Florida. The word that comes to mind when we think of Florida is “surreal” — the state has Disney World, space shuttle launches, Miami, Nascar, beaches, a monopoly on oranges, and all of the keys … to the most fun you can have in the U.S.A.

Like it or not, the allure of Florida cannot be denied. We’ll all find ourselves there sooner or later. And why not? The state is also a breeding ground for creativity and craftsmanship, and we can prove it with these high-quality products. If you’re looking to support the Sunshine State this holiday season, keep reading for our gift guide to Florida for products made in and inspired by the state.


Craft Beer Tshirt on

1. Craft Beer shirt, $18
Correct that misunderstanding about craft beer drinking. It is a hobby just like any other, it happens to involve a little more pacing than, say, knitting. It’s not alcoholism, mom. We swear. Poke fun at yourself and your hobbies with this smart shirt made in Tampa. Available in men’s and women’s cuts.


State Necklace on

2. State Shape Necklaces, $55
Florida has maybe the most recognizable state shape in the country, and turns out, it looks pretty on a necklace. It’s an elegant way to show your state pride. Just in case you care: All 50 states are available. Brass charms range in size and shape up to 2 inches wide (Tennessee) and hang from an 18-inch silver box chain.


Men's Shaving Kit and Beard Taming by Buffalo Girl Soaps for Bourbon and Boots

3. Men’s Shaving and Beard-taming Kit, $30
Whether your man is sporting facial hair or not, these shaving kits or beard tamers will keep him looking dapper and well-groomed. Made in Ocala, Florida, these products are all natural. They never use artificial preservatives, fragrance oils, fillers or unnecessary ingredients.


The Dozer Wooden Sunglasses on

4. The Dozer Sunglasses, $95
You can’t help but feel cool in these wooden-rimmed sunglasses made in Orlando. They’re waterproof, and they even float! Never lose a pair on the water again. The company donates a percentage of each sale to Mote Marine Labs for Marine Conservation and Reef Preservation.
5. Rustic Plank State Art, from $34.99
Handcrafted planked state art that needs no introduction. Show off your Florida infatuation with a rough cut and slightly distressed wood plank that’s ready to hang as soon as it arrives. We know you can’t wait.


Fire Hose Bracelets on

6. Fire Hose Bracelets, from $18
These bracelets are actual fire hose upcycled and sliced into a unique and original snap-style bracelet. Made in Pensacola, these Fire Hose Bracelets are available in three styles for both men and women and adjustable to three different sizes.



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