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Jan 27/17

Gift Guide to Kentucky Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Kentucky Gift Guide

What’s so great about Kentucky? “Pretty much everything,” we said as we sipped on bourbon and pondered our racing form. Kentucky is big, beautiful and burgoo-y. If you’re into that Old Kentucky Home this holiday season, check out our favorite gift ideas made in or inspired by the state.


Bullet Ring on

1. Silver Bullet Ring, $59
Made in Frankfort, this beautiful bullet ring shows off a classy style with a little bit of attitude. But if you needed yet another reason to purchase it, know that a portion of the sale will be donated to Wounded Warriors.


Small Batch Bourbon Truffles by Art Eatables for

2. Small Batch Bourbon Truffles, $28.50
These hand-rolled, hand-dipped, hand-decorated and hand-packed truffles are made in Louisville. The box contains an assortment of 16 delicious truffles. And once you bite into the intoxicating mix of chocolate and bourbon, you’ll close your eyes, take a deep breath and thank god you’re alive. Does that seem dramatic? We don’t think so.


Retro Southern Skyline Prints Louisville for

3. Retro Skyline Prints, $36
Decorate your home or office with the recognizable skylines of Louisville or Lexington with these lovely 11″x14″ prints. Tiny flecks and grains are embedded in this retro stock once used by Hallmark greeting cards in the ’50s. The stock is the first recycled paper with flecks made in the U.S. Each print is signed.


Bourbon Barrel Bar Stool from Bourbon & Boots

4. Bourbon Barrel Bar Stool, $199
Crafty crafter Jason Cohen takes old bourbon barrels and creates art – art that is also furniture. He’s a Kentucky-based artist who lost the use of his left hand in a car accident at the age of 16, but that hasn’t stopped him from a commitment to his work. And isn’t it pretty?


Bourbon Barrel Belt Buckle on

5. Bourbon Barrel Belt Buckle, $29.95
A good man is hard to find, and so is a good belt buckle. Hand crafted from genuine Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey barrels, the bourbon barrel belt buckle is hand cut, sealed, and waxed and is dripping with Southern flavor.



Kentucky Y'all Shirt on

6. Kentucky Y’all Shirt, $28
This comfy tee will say y’all before you do, but only just. It’ll proclaim your love for the language of the South and Kentucky in one easy design.


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