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Jan 27/17

Gift Guide to North Carolina Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

North Carolina Gift Guide

North Carolina! You’re gorgeous. And you’re full of gorgeous things. You look so ready for your close-up this holiday season we can hardly stand it. We don’t mind letting everyone know we’ve found a few beautiful things inside your borders. And we want to give it to all of our friends.

If you’re in the market for something inspired by or hand made in the Tar Heel state, look no further than this gift guide to North Carolina. (Click to see all of our North Carolina finds.)


Classic Script Medium Monogram Necklace "Ruby" on

1. Monogram necklace, $68
When bestowing a name on a child, a good mother and father will also take that name’s potential initials into consideration, because monogramming is a pretty big deal in the South. That little babe will have her initials plastered over backpacks and gym bags and tea towels until she’s of marrying age. They’ll be as dear to her as her own identity. Just like this necklace.


Mason Jar Lights from Bourbon & Boots

2. Mason Jar Lights, $69
A little redneck. A little whimsical. A little classy. These mason jar lights are the accent your back porch has been missing all this time. Christmas lights are romantic, but these North Carolina-made mason jar lights have far more personality.


Earrings on

3. Pendant Painting Earrings, $32
Wearable art is the trend these days. We interpret that to mean art should be enjoyed in off-the-wall settings, and these hand-painted pendant earrings would certainly fit the bill, as they feature tiny reproductions of an original painting set into modern bronze frames and sealed with a glass-like resin for protection and shine. Made by an artist in Black Mountain, N.C.


Uncommon Greeting Cards on

4. Uncommon Greeting Cards, $29.50
This isn’t your average Hallmark card. It’s so much better. There’s the birthday card that says “Happy Bidet.” The bullish thank you note that says, “Thanks for putting up with my sh*t.” And our personal favorite, the all-purpose, family photo with the dad’s thought bubble, “Scotch.” These cards — made in Wilmington — are ideal for any occasion requiring a little genuine snark.


Bart's Old North State BBQ Sauce on

5. Bart’s Barbecue Sauce, $12
What North Carolina gift guide would be complete without a nod to barbecue? Whether you’re a resident or a far-flung fan, when you get a hankering for that home-state ‘cue, this sauce can help to quench the desire in your digestive tract. It’s a blending of the Eastern and Western sauce styles. Some might call that sacrilege, but we call it “everybody wins.”


Cloister Southern Honey for

6. Cloister Whipped Honey, $24
Whipped Honey (also called creamed, spun or churned honey) is honey in which crystallization is controlled in order to produce a smooth, spreadable delicacy. If that doesn’t sound delicious enough, try combining it with lemon zest, cinnamon or cocoa. Damn. If you need us, we’ll be over here with our face in this jar. Brb.


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