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Jan 27/17

Gift Guide to Texas Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments


Texas must have some of the most resourceful people on the planet. We’re certain they could make a cistern out of a tumbleweed. But just because those country boys can survive doesn’t mean they can’t also make something aesthetically pleasing. Beauty needs space to grow, and Texas has plenty of space … and if beauty is in the eye of the beer holster, well, they’ve got that, too.

But we digress. If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful and functional items offered in the Lone Star state this holiday season, look no further than this gift guide to Texas. To see all of our hand-picked Texas finds, click here.

 Annie Get On Your Boots Necklace on

1. Get Your Boots On Steer Necklace, $90
Two strands of vivid red Czech glass pair perfectly with a brass chain and charm to create a bold, brassy piece. The steer necklace is made by Manic Trout, based in Austin, and was named after the U2 song, “Get Your Boots On.” It would work just as well with a LBD or jeans and a T-shirt.



2. Texas Marquee Light Sign, $229 
This is a splurge, for sure, but how often do you get the chance to light up your home state in your living room? It’s 24″ tall, 24″ wide, 4″ deep and made of rusted metal for that antique look. Use it inside or out, and it plugs into a standard wall outlet.


Texas Kobe Filet Mignon on

3. Kobe Filet Mignon, $99
The day this Kobe Filet Mignon made it to the office was a good one. The leftovers from the photo shoot were so scrumptious, this writer’s children — all under the age of 5 — ate them cold from the fridge. It’s THAT delicious. Made in Houston, Zac Meats knows exactly what it’s doing.


The Luckenbach Beer Holster on

4. Luckenbach Beer Holster,  $30
When’s the last time you heard someone say, “Hey! I think you’re wearing MY beer holster?” Maybe never. But, just in case, it doesn’t hurt to personalize, that way you’ll know for sure. These Luckenbach Beer Holsters make the perfect gift for groomsmen, sports fans, or anyone who drinks a beer ever.


Ark-La-Tex Bronze Wax Seal State Necklaces

5. Bronze Wax State Seal Necklaces, $40
This gorgeous little number is made by rolling clay, pressing wax seals, and carefully stenciling. And that’s only the beginning of all the effort that goes in. It’s a distinctive and classy way to show you care about your home state.

Betty Mason Jar Soap Dispenser on
6. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser, from $21
Grace your home and bless your hands from a Mason Jar Soap Dispenser. Each dispenser is topped with a two piece lid and a stainless steel finished pump. Choose from three different modest, yet eye-catching 16 ounce Kerr jars — “Ester,” “Samuel” or “Betty” — or the big and bold “Mama” 32 ounce Ball jar.


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