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Jan 27/17

Happy Bunting: Halloween Decorating Ideas Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it should be as easy as possible just to make more time for finding the perfect costume and unwrapping all of that candy. In the spooky spirit of the holiday, here are six easy Halloween decorating ideas to try this October:

Feeling candy corny

Bunting is always an easy way to decorate. You could do black or orange bunting, or if you are feeling extra festive, try making some candy corn style bunting. Just take white, yellow, and orange construction paper or card stock, cut into triangles, trim, glue together, and tape along a piece of string.

Pillow talk

Make yourself a hand painted Halloween accent pillow. All you need is a white pillow insert and some fabric paint or even a black sharpie will do. Trace your design lightly in pencil first so you can get it just right. Then color it in! Think of other things you could paint besides a spiderweb … like a skull and crossbones, some bats, or the word “BOO.”

Bats all around

Grab some black construction paper or card stock and cut out some bats. Tape them up all over your house or hang them from your ceiling or light fixtures with string. The bats in this photo are flying out from behind a curtain!



Batty entrance
Use some of those bat cut-outs to decorate a wreath. Get a straw wreath from from a crafting supplies store and use hot glue to stick on a few bats. Hang on your front door!

 Use that noggin

Create a spooky candle holder with a styrofoam skull from a crafting supplies store. Just take a knife and carve a small hole in the top of the skull and add a black candle. A couple of these would be a perfect addition to a table at your Halloween party. It will look extra spooky when the wax starts running down the candle and onto the skull. (As with every burning candle, do not leave this unattended!)

Who needs more orange?
Orange. Orange. Orange. Halloween doesn’t have to be all about orange. Spray paint your pumpkins to match any room in your home. You can find some really great metallic or glitter spray paints at crafting supply or home improvement stores. Use painter’s tape to cover up the stem before you spray!

Kim Doughty is an interior decorator, illustrator and blogger living in Little Rock. You can follow her at Azul Home or Azul Home Designs.



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