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Having a Party? Here's the proper invite etiquette
Sep 15/16

Having a Party? Here's the proper invite etiquette Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


Ready to throw a party but not sure what the proper way to invite people is? Since the invitation itself is the first hint of your celebration, here are some simple party invitation pointers to get you started:


While the convenience of email or online invitations is tempting, consider mailing your personalized invitations instead, even for a casual party. From computer-generated to hand-drawn, you can show your uniqueness and artistic tendencies, all the while hinting at what is to come.

Devil’s in the Details

When it comes to invitations, it’s all about the details. Be sure to be clear about when (start and end time), where (don’t forget the address), dress (snappy-casual, formal, costume, etc), and theme if it’s not clear from the design of the invitations. Also, don’t forget to ask your guests to RSVP, as having a head count is very important for your planning.

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Send invitations 2-4 weeks before the party to give your friends time to plan, especially if it’s near a holiday. That way, you’ll have a great turn-out for your festivities.

Do you have more party invitation hints? Post them in the comments.



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