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Jan 27/17

Heritage Hog Roast competition Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

On a cold, misty Saturday, the Heritage Hog Roast, presented by the Arkansas Times, was held Saturday in the usual Argenta Farmers Market space. Teams — largely consisting of local chefs — roasted whole hogs and competed for first prize. Reno’s Argenta Cafe took third place, Local Lime came in second and the Country Club of Little Rock came in first. It was a close race; less than two points separated the teams in the top two. Ben Brainard of Local Lime turned his roasted pig into some crazy-delicious tacos, and his was one of the first booths to run out of food.

The Root Cafe turned its roasted hog into a spicy banh mi and paired it with beans, kimchi and roasted green onions.

Matthew Lowman and Travis McConnell serve the roasted hog from the Capital Hotel.

Bonnie Montgomery played during the afternoon hours.

Jeff and Lori Carfagno at the Heritage Hog Roast.

Ashley and John Honeywell, Bill Dobbins, Stacey Shaver and Susan Irwin

The team from Cafe Bossa Nova brought guacamole and pico de gallo.

Reno’s Argenta Cafe took third place in the hog roast and didn’t take kindly to photography. We only barely made it out of there alive.*

Rusty Armstrong and Tanya Fitzgerald

The piggy bruschetta offering from Lulav Italian Kitchen.

John Rogers with Sasha, Thanh and Gianna Rasico.

*Just kidding. We’re fine.



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