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Aug 13/13

Hold the Crackers: Creative Ideas for Pimento Cheese Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Pimento cheese — a delicacy made with mayo, pimento peppers and cheese and sometimes called the “caviar of the South” — is much more versatile than you ever imagined. Sure it tastes great on crackers and smeared between two slices of bread, but pimento cheese deserves so much more. It could serve as breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert, but we haven’t seen evidence that anyone has made it into a pie … yet. Start looking for places you’d melt cheese and the possibilities are endless.

Keep scrolling for some creative culinary ideas for the beloved Southern staple known as pimento cheese.

1. Add a dollop of pimento cheese to your bowl of grits in the morning (see above). It’s so smart, why isn’t this a thing?


2. Bacon, egg and pimento cheese sandwich: One thing’s for certain, pimento cheese and bacon belong together. They’re probably soulmates who only need someone with vision — that’s you — to join them in holy matrimony. For bonus points, grill it like a panini.


3. Pimento Cheese Breakfast Casserole: Breakfast sausage, white bread and pimento cheese.


4. Baked Pimento Mac and Cheese: Pimento cheese even your kids will want to eat.


5. Pimento Cheese Deviled Eggs: Just like Easter, except better.


6. Pimento Cheese Pretzel Dog with Caramelized Onions: Yes, please. You had us at “caramelized onions.”


7. Pimento Cheese Pops: These are coated in candied pecans.


8. Pimento Cheese Corn Sticks: Sort of like corn muffins made with pimento cheese. Would you dip these in ranch dressing, marinara or black-eyed peas? We have no idea. They’d probably be best all by themselves.


9. Pimento Cheese-stuffed Jalapenos: Coming soon to a Sonic near you. (We wish.)


Pimento cheese grits photo courtesy of Palmetto Cheese.



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