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Home Distillation w/ Copper Whiskey Still Kit
Feb 27/17

Home Distillation w/ Copper Whiskey Still Kit Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 12 Comments

America's craft liquor movement is alive and well as more and more American’s choose to engage in home distillation. As people search for exploring back to basics and simplifying their life home distillation is a natural curiosity for many.

Sure, some home copper stills are used for the creation of herbal remedies, distilled waters, and essential oils, but most people are purchasing their own home copper still for the purpose of learning how to distill their own spirits.

Home Distillation w/ Copper Whiskey Still Kit



Although technically illegal to distill alchohol at home, here is the juxtaposition: Ten years ago, there were 50 American craft distilleries, and today there are well over 1,000, each with their legal permits and licenses. But where did these new commercial startup distillers hone their skills?  Hmm, we think by using their home moonshine still.



5 Litre Whiskey Still

Some people believe the illegality rests in the loss of liquor tax revenue and others argue it’s simply a protection of a large monopoly. Recently we heard a third argument regarding potential safety as the liquor is a vapor for much of the process and as such can become an invisible flame.




The sale and purchase of a copper whiskey still is legal if the copper stills are labeled to be used for distillation of water, creation of herbal concoctions, or production of essential oils.  


We know of dozens of people that have tried their hand at home distillation and if they gave up found their copper whiskey still quite useful for making of homemade oils, ointments, and liquid herbs.



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David on March 07 2017 at 08:17PM

1 – You should post your answers here. It would be good information to be able to research. 2 – I just ordered the 5 gallon still. Do you have any pictures you can send of it in action? How to set it up, how pot sits over the fire how do I set it up to drain in the container?

Tracye on March 02 2017 at 03:47AM

How much are they?

Jeff Parchman on March 01 2017 at 10:03PM

Very nice still

sean stanbury on March 01 2017 at 09:23AM

do i need a reflux tower or a doubler w/ this unit someone says i do?thank you

Jimmy R. Spurlin on February 17 2017 at 11:54PM

Looks like a good still.

Dan Abbott on February 12 2017 at 11:25PM

I am a huge fan of Wild Turkey and Rare Breed Bourbon. I know I would have to import the water from the same source and have the same ingredients and recipe to make anything even comparable. But is it even legal to try or does one have to obtain permits from Uncle Sam? I know I would need fresh burnt new Oak barrels and age a minimum of 4 years (I would probably wait 7-10 years) Any advice you could share would be great!

Gene Stoner on February 12 2017 at 12:42PM

How much is the whiskey still how can I get one ordered

Randy on February 01 2017 at 07:37AM

Were can I buy a 5 gal. copper whisky still and how much is one cost.

Randy on February 01 2017 at 07:37AM

Were can I buy a 5 gal. copper whisky still and how much is one cost.

Robert Brewer on January 27 2017 at 03:14PM

How can I find out if this is LEGAL to do where I live?

Edward L Tetter on January 23 2017 at 08:03AM

I have been interested in making my own whisky for along time but never had the time to build a still or get any metearials needed just wondering more about this product I am very interested in thank you.

Alan Rockey on January 12 2017 at 05:26AM

Can you distill whiskey for personal use in the state of Iowa?


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