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How To Add a Rustic Touch to Your Southern Home
Jan 27/17

How To Add a Rustic Touch to Your Southern Home Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments


Looking to add a sense of history to your Southern home? Try some of these rustic touches to add charm and hint at bygone days.

  • Cowhide Rug
    Charming and elegant, a cowhide rug can be soft under your feet as a carpet, warm as a couch throw, or beautiful as a wall hanging.
  • Weathered Wicker
    Perfect for your screened-in porch, weathered wicker is durable and charming. Add some colorful cushions, perfect for a long afternoon nap.
  • Reclaimed Barnwood
    Whether it’s a table, picture frame, serving tray, or sign, reclaimed barnwood adds beauty and history to any room in your house.
  • Potted Plants
    Potted plants like ferns are inexpensive and add charm. Make sure the sunlight is correct, and then add one or more plants not only for beauty, but also to improve the air quality (it’s true!).
    What are some other rustic touches you can add? Comment with your ideas below.

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