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How To Take A Southern Belle On A Date
Aug 19/16

How To Take A Southern Belle On A Date Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 3 Comments


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So you’ve finally gotten the nerve to ask out the beautiful woman in human resources with the Southern drawl. Now what? Whether you are a Southerner or not, here are a few tips for taking a Southern Belle on a date:

Pick her up on time. Punctuality is akin to good manners, very important to her. She will most likely make you wait as she dabs on lipstick, and that’s okay.

Open doors for her. Front doors, car doors, any and all doors.

Hold your hand out for her when she gets out the car, and if it’s raining, hold your umbrella over her. Better you get wet than her.

If at a restaurant, walk behind her to the table, not in front of her, and pull out the chair for her to sit.

When you order her a nonalcoholic beverage, it’s a Coke, not a pop, soda, or god forbid, a Pepsi.

Listen. Laugh. Lighten up.


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Carolyn Plants on September 15 2016 at 05:54PM

What’s a pepsi anyway?

KiKi on September 10 2016 at 11:40PM

Down in Georgia, y’all may drink Coke, but here in North Carolina, we drink Pepsi, i.e. Liquid gold, God’s beverage of choice?

Carolynbhayden on August 24 2016 at 10:27PM

Always Coke never Pepsi, I’m a southern woman!


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