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How to tell Autumn has arrived in the South
Jan 26/17

How to tell Autumn has arrived in the South Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Signs of Fall in the South

We’ve all been waiting for it. After the sweltering summer, we here in the South eagerly await cool, crisp mornings, a light jacket, and the return of arguably the best season of the year: Fall. But how do you know when it’s finally Fall in the South? Here are some surefire signs that Autumn has arrived:

Foliage: Glossy greens give way to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows as trees show off in their Sunday best.

Football: Not just restricted to Friday nights, Football becomes the focus on T-shirts, car flags, billboards, and radio banter.

Hunting: Camo pants, orange hats, and muddy boots are out of the closet and become commonplace at the gas station and grocery store.

Apples: Whether you’re picking them at the orchard, bobbing for them, or dipping them in caramel, apples are everywhere.

Pumpkins: Not to be outdone by apples, pumpkin patches sprout overnight, and pumpkin-spice everything becomes the bestseller at coffeeshops.

What are some other signs that it’s Fall in the South? Add yours to the comments below.



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