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Iconic College Colors of the South
Jan 26/17

Iconic College Colors of the South Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

When the Oregon Ducks take the field, there is little question that they are, in fact, the University of Oregon. The reason? Those bright college colors. In the South, the colors of your alma matter become a source of pride. Even without a logo, you can guess where someone’s loyalty lies based off of the color they’re wearing. You’ll never see an Ole Miss fan wear maroon or a Razorback fan wear purple. Our colors run deep. Here are some of the most recognizable college colors of the South: 

LSU colors iconic college colors

LSU, Purple and Gold: While today Death Valley is filled with purple and gold, originally the school claimed blue and white as its official colors. In a 1893 game against Tulane University, players decided to decorate their uniforms. Stores in the area had already begun preparing for Mardi Gras season, but just so happened to be out of green fabric. Hence, purple and gold. 


unc north carolina colors iconic college colors

UNC, Blue and White: UNC colors are so recognizable that the shade of blue has its own name: Carolina Blue. Beginning in the 1800’s students of the university belonged in one of two literary societies. One society was recognizable by the color blue, the other by the color white. 

Clemson university colors iconic college colors

Clemson, Purple and Orange: Although today Clemson is a sea of purple and orange, the original colors of this South Carolina school were red and blue. Purple and orange did not become a Clemson staple until 1896, when a man named Walter Merritt Riggs began the first football program. Riggs, who came from Alabama Polytechnic Institute (later known as Auburn), borrowed both the colors and the mascot of his previous school. 

university of Kentucky colors iconic college colors
University of Kentucky, Blue and White: Spend enough time with UK fans and you’re certain to hear it: “Big Blue Nation.” UK fans bleed blue, especially on fall Saturday’s (also known as Caturday’s) or any day in Rupp Arena. Originally blue and yellow, rumor has it that the royal blue shade was chosen after a series of debates led a student to hold up a necklace and declare that this color would be the UK blue. 


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