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Southern Stories
The Infamous Thanksgiving Dinner Mystery Dish
Nov 15/16

The Infamous Thanksgiving Dinner Mystery Dish Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Growing up, it was inevitable that every Thanksgiving meal would have that one dish that left you scratching your head wondering... what the heck is that!?  
All of the cousins would gather round the agreed upon "Mystery Dish" and take turns naming it. Some of the best names I can remember were 1) nuclear sludge 2) snot soup 3) double dare dessert.  All of the grown ups would hear us belly laughing in the kitchen.. mom or dad would tell us to knock it off.  "Grandma worked through the night making that dish, you should show some respect!"  
We would all agree to take at least one dobble. Then the silent stares would begin at the "kids table".. who would take the first bite.  We'd typically force it on the smallest a weakest of the bunch.  Many times, the bite would come back out in the same forceful manner it was sent in.  Again, the belly laughing would ensue and another yearly tradition was in the books.  



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