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Labor Day Decorating — 25 Project Ideas
Aug 31/16

Labor Day Decorating — 25 Project Ideas Posted by: Rod Ford | 0 Comments

Labor Day! It’s the time to reflect on your employment-related contributions to society, hopefully while you rest at home.

Shop southern home decor.

But if you’re like us, you’ll have trouble sitting still for any amount of time. You’ve got three days off — suck it, Monday! — and maybe you’ll spend one of those days catching up on sleep, but the other two are just begging for a weekend decorating project.


The bathroom could use a few shiny decals. The dresser in the bedroom might look lovely in a bright shade of blue. And those large yard items that straddle the line between “log” and “stick” might look cute in the entryway. 

Shadow boxes and southern art and decor pepper this collection.

Or not.

So, home beauty is in the eye of the key-holder. And Better Homes and Gardens has a photo-heavy list of 25 Weekend Decorating Projects to tackle. Scroll through it for Labor Day inspiration. Maybe you’ll run to the paint store, or maybe it’ll just stop with cracking open a beer and fantasizing about what might be.

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