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Jan 27/17

Mason Jar Mania: Try to Contain Yourself Posted by: Dan | 0 Comments

Mason Jars.

Could they be any more useful? More ubiquitous? They’re the perfect little receptacles for organization, art projects, lunch, pencils, pie, toothbrushes, plants, fish, coins, juice, and all of the stars in heaven. You could even store uses for mason jars in your mason jars. They’re great at everything. Well, everything but not breaking. So, mason jars have only one drawback. We’ll take it.

With all of those crafty ideas out there in the world, it’s difficult to sift through all of them to find the best. So, here’s our favorite mason jar projects in the categories of food, organization, kid stuff, and hilarious miscellany. And if you’ve got no time to be crafty, click here to see all of our ready-made mason jar products.


Organize your life:


It’s a mathematical fact that, in the bathroom, the ratio of empty wall space to counter storage will be 6x/2 where x = uh, algebra is rarely handy in home decor. But you know what we mean. This is a cute and functional storage system for cotton balls, toothbrushes, bobby pins and anything else cluttering up your bathroom shelves. Voila! Now you’ve got more room for fluffy towels.


Food (aka Yes, We Can, But We Probably Won’t):


How about lunch in a jar? This is easy-peasy, leak-proof, and especially great if you like salads. Put your favorite dressing in the bottom and layer in your salad ingredients from most to least dense, i.e. protein on the bottom, then hard veggies like carrots, on up to lettuce and tomato. Shake and stir when it’s time to eat. Mason jars could also be used to store and carry fruit salad and other quick snacks like roasted potatoes or slaw. It’s probably best for refrigerated items, but you know mason jars would stand up to a few minutes in the microwave.



If you’re looking for something a bit more involved, this lazy lasagna seems like the perfect solution for when you want lasagna, but you don’t want enough to feed both the Hatfields AND the McCoys. And it’s pretty cute how, if you put it in mason jars, lasagna goes from ocean-sized to cute little boats floating on a … well, that analogy is kind of weird. But anyone who’s ever drifted for days and days with lasagna leftovers can probably relate.


Project Cuteness: Mason Jars and Kids


Ok, now to mason jar activities moms might actually do. Also known as, things that made this overly practical mom go “ohhhhh!” when she saw them. Hopefully you’ll have the same reaction. This first one is pretty neat, and if you look closely at the photo, you’ll see it’s not even a mason jar. It looks like an old pickle jar or something, but we won’t tell. Here’s hoping if you take the time to do this little project, kids will actually want to sort and organize their crayons, markers and other things. But if not, well, at least you’ll smile when you see it.



Did you know glow-in-the-dark paint dots existed? I didn’t. But then again, I’m not the type to wander the home improvement aisles for funsies. (I’m the type to sigh impatiently while someone else does it.) However, this idea gives me a reason to mosey on over there and inquire about this here glowing paint thing. It feels like catching fireflies in a jar but without all of the outdoors and mosquitoes. Pretty great idea. I think it’ll blow the kids minds for about 10 minutes or so, and maybe then it’ll function as a neat little night light.


And finally … there’s this: 


I don’t know why this little edible homage to the old Ball jar makes me giggle. Maybe it’s the fuzzy “lid” that looks like a flat-top hairdo. Maybe it’s the attention to detail in the cursive logo. Maybe it’s an adoration for these jars that runs so deep, you can’t help but want to eat them up, like a fat little baby. Either way, I’m just going to leave this here for your consideration. It deserves recognition … for something.





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