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Southern Stories
Jan 27/17

Name to Fame: Worst (Best) Named Cities Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Southerners are the best at naming things. We’re pretty good with colorful language in general, but when it comes to bestowing a memorable name on a landmark, city, hill, dale, farm, some pig or anything else interesting we might come across, well, we’re experts.

If you want proof, look in every state in the South. You better believe it’s got a town with a head-scratcher of a name … probably two. Of course we don’t have a monopoly on funny town names, but we’d argue we have some the most creative ones in America.

In Arkansas, they’ve got Bald Knob. Possum Grape. Weiner.

In Tennesee, there’s Dismal. In Alabama, they’ve got Burnt Corn. If you want more, here’s a story with the 15 Worst City Names in America. And while you’re at it, the Funniest in the World. 


But while we’re on the subject, what’s the most hilarious city name in your state?



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