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Apr 23/13

Nashville Fashion Week 2013 Recap: We’re Not All Stetson Hats and Overalls Posted by: Kathryn Wiley | 0 Comments

New York, we’re giving you a run for your money in Nashville! We’ve been host to “the country’s best dance party” according to GQ, featured in the illustrious Vogue magazine, and sat back with big smiles when the New York Times told the world how badly they needed to visit our southern paradise.

We may be a small city, but we’ve got mad style. Not that many outside of Nashville are aware of this fact, but they are beginning to get a good idea. So, put your Stetson back in the closet, but feel free to whip out those fancy leather boots… they’re so in right now.

As a fashion blogger, Nashville Fashion Week is always the highlight of my year. It’s the perfect opportunity to network and share thoughts with like-minded fashion obsessed folks, all of which are usually decked out in their finery and celebrating our booming fashion industry.

This year we had quite the array of incredible talent strutting down the runway—both local designers and many who flew in from all over the country to present their designs April 2-6 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Of all the great collections, there were a few local designers who stood out from the crowd. Some of my favorite fall 2013 collections this year included TUFT, Pink Elephants by Truly Alvarenga, Black by Maria Silver and Kat Seaton. Each line was presented perfectly. The styling was spot-on, not so bold that it detracted from the collections. I’d give each of these ladies a perfect 10…


TUFT will always be one of my favorites! What does Tuft mean? According to designer Jessica Jones, the name was taken from “A Candy Tuft” which is the name of her favorite shade of pink. Jessica’s collections always incorporate playful, flirty shapes with an added 1990s bubble gum pop feel. I especially love that she spray painted and glittered every single pair of shoes that went down the runway. I respect a girl who enjoys a good DIY project. I feel a craft night coming on…


Pink Elephants by Truly Alvarenga always presents a collection full of whimsical surprises—the good kind in the best packaging. Truly incorporates fairy-tale-like qualities in every piece, and the detail and craftsmanship is evident. Every dress feels like it should be on a Disney princess, but with a modern, funky twist.



If you’re a bohemian rock and roll goddess, then you’ll fall madly in love with every single piece from Black by Maria Silver. Maria knows exactly how to incorporate an ultra chic 1970s vibe into easily wearable everyday pieces. Everything she creates is flirty and fun, using an impeccable color palette. But you would  expect nothing less from someone who moonlights as a rock and roll drummer.


Kat Seaton has quite the eye for mixing textures and prints—a trend I’m really fond of. She uses feminine shapes with beautiful fabrics that flatter. All of her pieces can be incorporated into any woman’s wardrobe—It’s important to invest in pieces that can go from work to play in five seconds flat. If you’re looking for classic staples for your wardrobe then look no further!

Simplicity, structure, texture and expression are the reasons Kathryn Wiley finds fashion fulfilling and well hell, it just excites her to tears. Although the industry does have a shallow side, it has its equally noble side that enables everyone a voice that speaks through the fabric, sharing the thoughts, hopes and dreams of the wearer’s inner being. Find more from her at Le Minimalist.  All images by Kathryn Wiley.



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