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Jan 27/17

National Bourbon Day: We’ll Drink to That Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

What are we doing posting about gin? It’s National Bourbon Day, everybody. While we’re on the this topic, have you heard of this bacon-infused bourbon? It’s manly enough, but why not also include leather-infused bourbon? Or cigar bourbon? Where’s the stopping point? Look, we’re just saying it’s a slippery slope — of delicious bacon grease. Moving on, we recently learned some cool facts about bourbon from the distillery near our home base that we will share with you now.

1. To be called bourbon, it must be made in America, but not necessarily in Kentucky. Really, only people in Kentucky perpetuate that myth.

2. Bourbon is aged in oak barrels. They’re charred on the inside before the spirits are sealed in for the aging process. The first aging in the barrel is bourbon. The second is whiskey.

3. It’s delicious. Wait, this is not news. Sorry.

4. Heat in the aging process will affect the flavor. Because heat rises, barrels on the top floor of the warehouse shelves will have a slightly different flavor than those on the bottom.

There’s plenty more to know about bourbon, so if you’re lucky enough to live near a town with a distillery, do yourself a favor and sign up for a tour. You’ll leave with that warm and fuzzy feeling in your belly you get from recently acquired knowledge … and samples of liquor.

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