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Jan 27/17

One Percent Inspiration. 99 Percent Porch-spiration Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

What are the rules for a great porch? First and foremost, it should be inviting and comfortable.
You may disagree, but screens are cheating. You are going to need some good old-fashioned deet and citronella candles. Though fire pits are acceptable, full-on fire places with hearths are right out.

You’ll need cozy, weather-resistant chairs, flat surfaces to plop drinks, some greenery, maybe a game or two, but mostly a shady place to relax in the cool morning and evening air, to savor the breaks in summer’s single-minded sweat-fest.

Though it may look effortless, the best Southern porches are planned and plotted, and Southern Living has compiled pictures of 71 porches for you to peruse in the name of inspiration. Or porch-spiration, as we’re calling it today.

Here’s to sitting pretty. Happy porching.



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