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Jan 27/17

Proof Miley Cyrus is Talented Posted by: Aaron Stearns | 0 Comments

Hopefully we’re all done talking about Miley Cyrus’ brave/pointless/shocking/sad (pick one) performance at the VMAs a few weeks ago.

The truth is this Nashville-born singer has a great voice, when she wants to use it. For last year’s “backyard sessions” she sang a version of “Jolene” that proved her ability to sing with emotion and passion. Even though she’s singing about partying and twerking just to get a little attention, no, she’s no Dolly Parton but the girl’s got talent. Check out this video.

And though she did a pretty great cover of “Jolene,” the real standout of this backyard session was the unknown ditty, “Look What They’ve Done to my Song.” We’re thinking her version of this Melanie Safka song speaks to her real life more than “Jolene” with lyrics like, “Look what they’ve done to my brain. They’ve picked it like a chicken bone and they think I’m half insane …”

Indeed. They probably do. Give it a listen here.



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